Inafune Talks Mighty No. 9 & Red Ash with USgamer

At the recent Tokyo Game Show, USgamer's Jeremy Parish had the opportunity to sit down with none other than Comcept creative mastermind Keiji Inafune and pick his brain about all manner of things involving his current and upcoming projects.

In "The Whys & Wherefores of Mighty No. 9," they first look at the beleaguered title's trials and tribulations as it's tried to make its way to market. We've heard before why they had to put the whole package on hold on account of a bug in the multiplayer function, but now we can hear from the man himself the considerations made before arriving at that decision.

Additionally, they discuss other matters involving the game, such as the partnership with Deep Silver, working with Kickstarter, and the possibility of a Mighty No. 9 amiibo figure. Plus, he also delves into the past as a way of looking towards the future by discussing the way he and Capcom's staff would iterate on the Mega Man franchise through different series.

The second part of the interview, "The Failure and Fortunes of Red Ash," focuses on the company's Kickstarter follow-up, which had no shortage of difficulties with crowd funding, only to be saved by the intervention of FUZE Entertainment. They talk about how that company came to be involved, the passion and enthusiasm the developers have for the project, and the possibility of returning to the Kickstarter well at a later time.

At the Tokyo Game Show, Parish also sought to learn more about the upcoming collaboration with Microsoft Game Studios and Armature Studio, ReCore, but Inafune was unfortunately not at liberty to discuss that particular project at this time.