Mega Man #55 Delayed; Sales for #54 Up

I received a tip from Dr. Wily earlier telling me that even though the 55th and last issue of Mega Man was solicited to be available on November 18th, that it failed to appear on the Diamond Comic Distributors shipping list for next week, indicating a delay.

Before I could even act on that, however, Archie themselves took to their Twitter to confirm it with the new release date and the following image:

In case the image isn't displaying for you, the new release date is now December 2nd.

While this is a bit of a downer, it's not all bad news from Wily. He brought to my attention that PREVIEWSworld, the site/catalog for Diamond, has ranked the "Top 50 Non-Premier Comics and Graphic Novels" for the month of October 2015.

Archie's Mega Man #54 ranked at number 34 -- not super great, but at least it not only made the list, but beat out some other titles including Adventure Time and Spongebob Squarepants. Perhaps, Wily speculates, news of the hiatus drove up sales?

How this does or does not affect the book going forward is anyone's guess for now, though.