Mega Man: Dawn of X Trade Paperback Delayed?

It seems as though fans of Archie's Mega Man comic just can't get a break lately. First and foremost, of course, is the hiatus coming up following the next issue (#55), and if Previews, the monthly catalog of comic book distributor Diamond, is to be believed, then so is the ninth trade paperback collecting the "Dawn of X" storyline.

According to Amazon, the book is due to arrive on the 24th of November, but we all know how they can be when it comes to release dates (Edit: Case in point: as per CafeLeLEMONed in the comments below, it has since been updated to state "January 19, 2016"). But a tip from "Dr. Wily" says that Diamond has recategorized the release in their list of cancellations, noting that it will be resolicited.

"Don't know why, but this usually means the previous Diamond orders have been cancelled and that the trade will appear for a new solicitation in a future Previews," Wily notes. "IF it will be solicited again, of course."

This would indeed be unfortunate news, especially for those who wait for the trades to come out before reading the stories. Whether this has any relation to the hiatus is currently unknown.