Mega Man 3 is Unreal (Updated)

Recently, an aspiring game creator by the name of Handré De Jager decided he wanted to learn the ins and outs of Unreal Engine 4, and opted to do so by recreating one of his favorite games: Mega Man 3.

His most recent video since beginning this endeavor shows off a bit of Gemini Man's stage with Nitrons, Bomber Pepes, and Poles added in, and this is the result so far:

Handré notes that he also developed the 3D assets, animation (in Blender), music, and sound effects (in FLstudio), and he is still tweaking basic functionality and other things as he goes along (and it seems he's planning to revise Mega Man's model and animations).

That said, he asks for help from those who know Unreal Engine 4 as to whether there's a way to "render things in front of geometry with their normal material." If you have any experience with this, feel free to drop him a line here.

Update: Between writing this post and running it, a new video has been added, tweaking the proportions of Mega Man and making some other changes.

If you're interested in following along, Handré says he's out to post a new video of his progress every two to three weeks, so subscribe if you'd like to keep up.

On a related note, it may be worth mentioning that Comcept's Mighty No. 9 also uses the Unreal Engine, albeit an earlier model in Unreal Engine 3.

Thanks to @MegaManSource for the tip!