Deck Out Your Nintendo 3DS with These PET Decals

The Nintendo 3DS is a pretty cool little handheld system, I think most of us can agree, and there are a number of different colors and decorations available for it as well. But did you ever wish it was a little more... PET-ish?

If so, then there is a solution for you!

Michael S tipped me off to this neat little unofficial decal that is available on Etsy -- just one of many, as it turns out. There may not be any Mega Man Battle Network games for the 3D handheld to boast about playing in your StreetPass encounters, but at least you can still show your love for the series to the non-digital world for just $11.55 USD.

For what it's worth, the seller's review ratings seem pretty high and solid.

So, who's interested in one of these? Or would you rather have another character's PET represented? Who knows, maybe they take requests?