Street Fighter Hadoken Plush Ball Coming This Winter

Multiverse Studio (fittingly enough) has announced a fascinating new piece of merchandise that you'll be able to get your hands on later this year: the Street Fighter Hadoken plush ball.

Cast in the iconic design of classic fighting videogame series Street Fighter™ from Capcom, the plush ball seamlessly mimics martial artist Ryu’s special projectile attack, the Hadoken Fire Ball. Collectible enthusiast, cosplayers, and Street Fighter fans alike can display their affection for the beloved world warrior in Ki-based projectile form.

The item measures 12 inches (from end to end) by 9 inches, and is made of a cotton-polyester blend. The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price is $24.99, and they expect it to be available in the fourth quarter of 2015. You can see more views of it from various angles here.

Incidentally, if you're reading about this here, then I assume you already know why merchandise based on such an iconic Street Fighter symbol is being reported here. Still, just in the off-chance that you're not:

Rest assured that if Multiverse Studio announces a plush Shoryuken long glove, it will be covered here just the same.