ScrewAttack Releases The Angry Video Game Adventures II Trailer

Since the original installment of The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures brought to mind so many similarities to Mega Man, enough that I figured it could perhaps even be classified as "Mega Man-esque," it only seemed right to bring up the recently-released trailer from ScrewAttack for the upcoming sequel from FreakZone Games -- especially since at least one new element makes it seem even more Mega Man-esque... or should I say, "Mega Man X-esque"?

Check out the trailer, but know that -- as befits James Rolfe's character -- that it's Not Safe For Work:

As you can see, The Nerd is borrowing a page straight out of the Maverick Hunter playbook when it comes to scaling/descending walls. Not to mention, the armor-equipping aspect might be borrowed from those games as well, but we'll have to see on that one, while it sounds like the Zero/Luigi-ish Mike may not be returning.

The game is coming in Winter 2015 to PC and "Nintendo," with the possibility of other consoles as well, according to a tweet from FreakZone Games back in July.