Project Miracle-M Hits Indiegogo

Without a proper new Mega Man game from Capcom, numerous developers have stepped up to fill the gap with their own spiritual successors. Some of these have come from those who helped to birth the Blue Bomber to begin with, while others were inspired just the same.

Such is the case with "Project Miracle-M," a newly-launched Indiegogo endeavor which promises to take "the best aspects of the 16-bit era classics, and infuses them with modern tech and new mechanics."

The Mega Man-esque influence on the project is apparent, with the strongest inspiration seemingly coming from Inti Creates' output on the Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX series. It originally began back in 2013 on Kickstarter, but was cancelled in the face of another spiritual successor on that platform. Now they're back, and eager to pick up where they left off with a higher quality, including animated cut scenes.

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Thanks to Roberto Zampari Caldas and GeminiSparkSP for the tips!