Mega Man Legends 2 Coming to PlayStation Store Sooner Than Later? (Probably Not, But Read Anyway)

Mega Man Legends just hit the PlayStation Store in North America, but how long will we have to wait for the final game in the series? Maybe not all that long; Alix Nero tweeted to us the following picture of the long-suffering sequel sitting pretty on the very same digital storefront:

As of this writing, it's still there, too. However, I think I like the version I got a little more:

Regarding the Mega Man Legends 2 avatars for PlayStation 3 that you see at the bottom there, it appears they've been around since the end of 2010. In fact, given that the avatars are categorized as being among "games and downloadable content for Mega Man Legends 2," it's possible this page was already there for a while just for these very items.

(Update: According to some of you in the comments and Capcom Unity's own Greg Moore, that is indeed the case. Doesn't mean we won't get it soon, just that this isn't indicative of it.)

As for Mega Man Legends itself, there was buzz surrounding the recent release that contrary to Capcom's own statements, you could download it for the PlayStation Portable. However, a tip from Justin reveals that Sony has since removed the option to download it to the PSP, though the PlayStation TV works just fine.

Protodude corroborates this in a recent post, wherein he also talks about frame rate dips, a fix for broken graphics, and an optimal control scheme for the PlayStation Vita. He also follows up his look at the property infringement issues of the first game and how it relates to the higher-than-average price tag for this game:

Unless you're Square Enix, PSOne Classics normally run for a cool $5.99. Mega Man Legends is $9.99. Why? A reliable source of mine says the extra four bucks helps pay licensing fees. That's how Capcom got Mega Man Legends up on PSN in the first place; Sony policy prevented them from removing certain logos so they're paying the fee to use them.

Unlike Mega Man Legends, the sequel apparently has no such issues with others' intellectual property, and he believes it should likely be priced at the usual $5.99 when the time comes.