Comcept Now Sending Out First Wave of Physical Kickstarter Rewards

Just a quick note for those who backed the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter at a tier that allows them to get a physical reward: Comcept has announced that they are now sending the first wave of those prizes out to backers now.

After talking with our partners at Fangamer, we have decided to ship out a first wave of physical rewards to our backers.
This first wave will include t-shirts, posters, and the mascot plushies! Some of our backers should already be receiving mails regarding this! 
If your reward tier includes any of these physical goods, please keep an eye out for an e-mail from Fangamer! They are starting to send out e-mails to confirm everyone's shipping addresses. 
If you experience any issues or have any questions, please contact them directly at

Plus, they've also mentioned that everyone who backed the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter is eligible for the demo, which was rolled out to various tiers over a period of days to control the traffic flow. At this point, everyone who contributed should now be able to access it, but if you're still having trouble, you can contact Humble Bundle about it here.

Thanks for the tip, Michael S!