Rockman.EXE 4.5 and 6 Coming to Wii U Virtual Console?

Recently, some diligent data divers have jacked in to Nintendo's own net to search their files and find out what secrets the Big N has in store for us in the future. There have been interesting findings, from the unannounced (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD) to the unsurprising (various Wii titles released as Wii U downloadables) to the unsurprising yet unexpected (Wii U Virtual Console).

It's that last one that has our attention today, as among the many Virtual Console titles listed, three belong to the Mega Man franchise: Rockman.EXE 4.5: Real Operation, Rockman.EXE 6: Cybeast Falzar, and Rockman.EXE 6: Cybeast Gregar.

While the list seems to only encompass Japanese and European releases, these three are only listed for Japan, which makes sense for the unlocalized Rockman.EXE 4.5. More curiously, though, is that the list notes it as a Nintendo DS game for the Wii U Virtual Console, rather than Game Boy Advance platform it was originally released for. Then again, all three are also labeled as "Mega Man Battle Network" rather than "Rockman.EXE," so it's reasonable to suspect that liberties were taken when compiling this list and not everything is 100 percent accurate.

In any case, should there have been any doubt, it seems that we can probably rest a little more assured knowing that the last of the Battle Network saga will probably be on its way here... eventually. Any bets on "Mega May '16"?

News Source: Nintendo Everything, via Tsukoyomi