The Mega Man Robot Master Field Guide is Back in Stock

Just a note for those who have been interested but unable to track down a copy, the Mega Man Robot Master Field Guide -- written by myself and Nadia Oxford -- has seen a new printing from publisher UDON Entertainment and is now available once again at, as well as other fine retailers who bother (or who you can bother) to order it.

This 144-page tome features profiles of pretty much every character from what is affectionately known as the Classic Mega Man series, at least those spanning the ten core console titles, the five Game Boy installments, and Mega Man & Bass. Abilities, weaknesses, likes, dislikes -- it's all here.

Until recently, the book has proven difficult to find, even fetching aftermarket prices starting as high as $28+ new. But now, thanks to this reprinting, it can be yours for the low, low original price of just $13.99! What a steal! (Or at least a sensible original offer.)