Mega Man #45 on Nook Two Weeks Early

Want to check out the next exciting issue of Archie's Mega Man, but don't want to wait a full two weeks to view it? Well, if you have the Barnes & Noble Nook or the Nook app, we may have an answer for you!

Though the new issue, which continues the storyline of the Mega Man 3 adaptation (you can see how the last part ended by checking out The Blue Ink's review here), isn't due for release until January 21st, that apparently hasn't stopped Barnes & Noble from listing it on their website as a "Nook Book" purchase. What's more, if you have the means to read B&N downloads, you can download a sample of the new issue-- at least, according to the page.

I clicked the sample and had to register, but you apparently need the Nook stuff to view even that, so that's as far as I went.

The 12MB download costs $3.99, the same as the normal cover price for the book. For what it's worth, tipster Mighty No. X says that "It's the best issue of comic yet, definitely."