Mega Man Battle Network 2 Hits NA Virtual Console Today

Jack in! MegaMan, execute!

That's right, today marks the release of another installment in the Mega Man Battle Network series on the Wii U Virtual Console. This time out, it's the fan-favorite second game, considered by many to be the best in the series (though there are arguments to be made for others, too).

Lan and his NetNavi MegaMan.EXE return in this second chapter of the Battle Network universe! Three months have passed since World Three disbanded, but a new Net crime organization has flooded the network with a virus that is fast gaining momentum. Aided by other fellow Net-Battlers, Lan and MegaMan.EXE must travel across the world in their quest to become stronger. Purchase supplies and exchange information in local NetSquares, battle an assortment of enemy viruses in real time, and collect Battle Chips as rewards to equip new abilities. Get ready for a new adventure in cyberspace as you stop this latest virus from spreading!

This title is also the one which introduces the various Style Changes to MegaMan's arsenal based on how you play.

Mega Man Battle Network 2 is available for the Virtual Console on Wii U through the Nintendo eShop in North America for $7.99 USD, and contains the usual host of Wii U Virtual Console features such as Miiverse posting/screencapping, Off-TV Play, custom mappable controls, and Restore Points. At the moment, no word on when it will hit Europe, though it's apparently been confirmed that it will.