New Mega Man Game Released (In South Korea)!

In the most unexpected news of the day, if not the year so far (at only a week in), a new Mega Man game has emerged from beyond the mists... in South Korea. Oh, and it's on Android, too.

According to Kotaku, Rockman GoGo! is a title developed by the South Korean developer Jenoi, who got involved with Capcom through porting some of their iOS titles to the Android platform. Following that, Capcom asked them to develop an Android Rockman game for Korean players, and this is the result:

Based on the PlayStation Portable-exclusive Mega Man Powered Up/Rockman Rockman, it seems to be an endless runner with some light platforming elements included, as well as boss battles against Robot Masters, who are also playable. VGStations notes that there are also cards used for stat-boosting, some of which cost money (of course).

More videos of different player characters and different stages can be found in the game's YouTube channel, and for what it's worth, it's not the worst looking Mega Man game out there. Plus, it shows that Capcom hasn't quite forgotten about the Blue Bomber just yet, though whether this ever leaves South Korea remains to be seen.

Plus, if you're able to play it (it's not compatible with my device, sadly), this is also one of the few rare times you get to see the Classic (well, Powered Up at least, which is actually rarer still) world from something besides a 2D sidescrolling perspective.

Thanks to Mighty No. X and Skytric for the tips!