Check Out This Old Blockbuster Commercial Featuring Mega Man X

Okay, things are running a little bit slow around here at the moment, thanks to a combination of not much Mega Man news happening and a post-holiday influx of stuff to do elsewhere. More content is on the way, promise.

That said, here's something quick and nostalgic for some of you: An video game ad for Blockbuster Video from 1994 featuring none other than Mega Man X! It doesn't really address the game itself very much, certainly not like some other commercials do with their games, but it's still neat to see the Blue Bomber get some attention on TV:

For what it's worth, I came by this while looking up some Blockbuster stuff for a series of articles I did over on PoisonMushroom.Org, chronicling my history with the now-defunct video rental store, and the fading rental industry in general. Part is here, part two (gaming in the 90s and the Blockbuster World Video Game Championships) is here, while the final part is here.