Rockman Megamix Readily Receiving Reprint

e-Capcom has posted a product listing for a new printing of the fan-favorite Hitoshi Ariga manga Rockman Megamix.

Slated for a March release in Japan, this edition will feature a brand-new cover (seen at right) and contain both volumes of the previous Megamix printings. What's more, it will also include two new 2015 versions of the "Rockman Writer's Secret Talks" segment.

The 304-page book will be available on March 18th for 3,600 yen, or roughly $30 USD. You can find e-Capcom's listing here.

For those preferring English as their language of choice, UDON Entertainment's printing of Mega Man Megamix, split into three different volumes, is still fully in stock and available. With any luck, perhaps UDON will bring any content exclusive to this version to us in a spiffy English version!

Thanks to Heat Man for the tip!