Gunman Clive 2 Saddles Up in the Nintendo eShop

At the beginning of 2013, an interesting title arrived in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS. Called Gunman Clive, it was a small, simple game with a unique art style and an attractive price tag of $1.99. What caught peoples' attention, however, was the gameplay: Platforming action full of running, jumping, and shooting which reminded some people of the original Mega Man games.

The game has since built up a small following, and today on the Nintendo eShop, their favor has been rewarded with the release of Gunman Clive 2:

The sequel brings some new features to the series, and not just color!

While the first title was set in the wild west, this time Clive has to travel all around the world to stop the bandits, visiting many different locations with diverse environments. Such as jungles, snowy mountains, and a bamboo forest. And he will face many new enemies, including ninjas and samurai, dinosaurs and giant robots.
Every level is filled with new enemies and obstacles, and some levels even mix up the gameplay by changing the camera perspective; such as a horse riding level that draws inspiration from classic arcade racing games, and a 3D flying level.

With more dynamic levels, more bosses, more diverse environments, and four playable characters with different abilities, Gunman Clive 2 goes for $2.99 USD/2.99 €. If the first game is any indication, it's worth every penny.