Mega Man X vs. Mega Man X

Back in the early 90's, Mega Man X came to gamers in two forms: One for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and the other for Personal Computers (with its own controller, no less!).

Of course, odds are that if you played one version, you probably didn't get to play the other... or at least, if you already played the Super NES version, you probably didn't think much to check out the PC version (whereas anyone who went PC back in the day has had numerous different ways to play the Super NES version since).

That said, TheNM22 has sent us his latest video review which compares the two versions for those of us who have never given them a solid side-by-side look before:

Note: I haven't had time to watch the entire thing through yet, but from what I have, there is a little bit of Not Safe For Work language, so keep that in mind.

Plus, as you can probably tell from the "Part 2" in the title and what TheNM22 said in the video, this isn't the first PC Mega Man game he's looked at. You can find part 1 here, covering the same PC games from Hi-Tech Expressions that were recently released on the Internet Archive. Maybe in the future, he'll look at other releases, such as Mega Man Legends and Mega Man X8!