Fan Friday: Mega Man X4 Remastered OST Patch (Update: Patch Released)

Own the PC version of Mega Man X4, but want something to spice up the experience? Then we may just have the answer you're looking for.

A gent by the name of Skytric, whose resume includes unofficial soundtrack remasters for both Mega Man X2 and Mega Man X3 (called "Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X2" and "Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X3," respectively) is taking things to the next level (no, not that way). For "Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X4," he is working on a patch of the PC version of Mega Man X4 that will incorporate his music into the gaming experience.

"I'm going to remaster all the music in MMX4 aside some tracks I feel could still stay or others that can be pretty cool remixes from other fans that fit with my style," he says. Once that is done, he'll work on a patch to be released for anyone interested to download, with the full OST to come later.

Here are a few samples of how it would play, starting with Split Mushroom:

Next is X vs. Colonel, and Web Spider's stage:

Finally, the boss music:

In addition to the remixed music, you might have noticed that X and Zero don't sound quite the same, either. Often considered one of the weaker parts of the game, their voices are also being replaced in the patch with dubs of the generally more popular Mark Gatha and Lucas Gilbertson that Hypershell created.

All told, this should refresh the experience for those who have the PC version of this classic game. At the same time, one can't help but wonder what a true, official third sequel to Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X would have brought had Capcom not condemned the original to what was at the time a floundering handheld at best.

Update: Skytric has released the patch, and if you're able and interested, you can download it here.