TruForce Collectibles Revises X Figure Colors

A couple of weeks ago, we brought you the first draft of TruForce Collectibles' color scheme for their upcoming Mega Man X figure, and you made your voices heard. With that said, they've gone back to the drawing board to touch things up a bit following fan feedback.

This evening, they have presented the revised version on their Facebook page:

"We noticed the biggest concern you guys had was the color (being too dark/purplish) so we went back to the drawing board and lightened him up a bit with a cooler blue palette," they note. In addition, they seem to have added further painted "LED" style details.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the two:



What's more, our own resident artist Tabby took note of the new version and offered her own input:

The blue is definitely more refined. I see one or two people calling for the teal, but I think the more muted color pallet sets this figure apart from the Bandai ones. I'm also glad to see the other blue spots added onto his chest now.

The only thing I could think of that I would personally change? More black. The black on the armor is so nice, I wish it were on the suit as well instead of the medium grey. I'm a little of a contrast junkie, and feel it would add a lot. And maybe add black lines to some of the contours of the armor. (They look like just cut outs right now, a thin line of black paint inside the line might look good) But then, adding those black lines might be shooting it into the more difficult production/cost range.

To reinforce her point, she even provided her own sample to illustrate what she means:

And of course, a side-by-side-by-side comparison of all three versions:



Tabby Version

So, which one do you think looks best? Feel free to leave comments below and on TruForce's Facebook photo!