ScrewAttack Argues "The Best EVER!" Mega Man Game

ScrewAttack has brought back their show, "The Best EVER!," and after debating who the best Super Smash Bros. for Wii U character EVER is, they've now turned their sights towards one of their answers: Mega Man.

See what expected and surprising answers they give in the WARNING: NOT SAFE FOR WORK video below:

It's an argument that could run night and day for a week-- especially among the likes of us. With that said, you guys can argue your favorites in the comments below, or in the comments of their video page-- or both! Both works fine for me, just remember: There is no wrong answer.

Except Mega Man X7. (Just kidding!)

Side note: Yes, Craig's name slip-up did not go unnoticed... but it pales in comparison to what Sam brought to the table after.