New Preview Page from Mega Man #42 Yields Excitement, Mystery

Back in July, we brought you the first word about the 42nd issue of Archie's Mega Man comic, which seems to have a certain special focus on fan-favorite Robot Master Shadow Man (to say nothing of a nifty "Super Smash" variant cover). But a new peek at the issue-in-progress promises to heighten intrigue.

At your right is a line-art panel from one of the pages featured in the new preview. As you can see, Shadow Man is confronted with a face which should be familiar to anyone who has gone through the Mega Man Official Complete Works art book (or some variation thereof).

There's more than what we're showing you here, however. Comic Book Resources has the exclusive, and you can check that out along with a peek at what's to come in the corresponding (variant cover/release date-wise) issues of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe (the latter of which featuring Knuckles and Shadow locked in combat) by clicking this link.

Oh, and by all means, do feel free to speculate about what all this means in the comments below. We know you want to.

Thanks to ChaosJam for the tip!