The Game Theorists Look at J-Pop Conspiracies in Azure Striker Gunvolt

Well, this is certainly something.

The Game Theorists have done several episodes which have tried to peer into the cracks of the Mega Man franchise, arguably to varying level of results. This time, however, they're looking into one of the Blue Bomber's spiritual successors for inspiration, Azure Striker Gunvolt.

In particular, this episode focuses on the early plot of the game and the role of one Joule and her projected pop-idol avatar, Lumen, and how it relates to the pop idol industry happenings that are going on in Japan today. Admittedly, it would be interesting if this aspect of the game were a way of speaking out against such behavior in Japan...

...but then, of course, the game goes on to be more about full-on psychic warfare, so perhaps it's more of an aside?

Thanks for Michael S. and GeminiSparkSP for the tips!