Mega Man-Themed Event Coming to Japanese Amusement Park

In Asakusa, Tokyo, there is a theme park named Hanayashiki that will be holding a special Mega Man-- or rather, to go with the local version-- Rockman-themed event called (roughly translated) "Rockman: The Schemed for Hanayashiki!?" And wow, does it sound like fun!

The event runs from September 13th through October 26th, and includes a stamp rally at various checkpoints found throughout the park.

Upon completing the stamp rally, participants will receive a special  themed postcard and Famicom-shaped eraser featuring Rockman x Hanayashiki collaboration artwork, as seen above.

Perhaps even more enticing, however, is the "Wily's" restaurant that will be opened, featuring a variety of Blue Bomber-themed dishes-- well, sort of. Only one is based on Rockman himself, whereas the rest take their inspiration from other items and Robot Masters-- mainly those from the first game.

The menu contains the following items, as described to us by tipster Heat Man: Rock-men (a ramen dish), Cut Man's Curry Udon, Guts Man's Mini Cream Puffs, Elec Man's Thunderale, Fire Man's Fire Storm Pot Stickers, Bomb Man's Hyper Bomb Rice Ball, and Ice Man's Ice Splasher (a shaved ice treat).

In addition, one of the main features is the reintroduction of the E Tank drink. Now reduced to 280ml, it more closely resembles the item found in many a Rockman game from the second installment on.

Finally, if those attending the event wish to purchase more keepsakes of their time spent at the park to celebrate Rockman... well, who are they to stop you? Tin badges, stickers, and iPhone covers are among the offerings available to those who have a little extra zenny-- er, yen burning a hole in their pockets.

Source and images: Gamer, via Heat Man