Game Center CX Takes On Mega Man X

On a recent two-part episode of Japan's Game Center CX, Shinya Arino took on the legendary Super NES classic, Mega Man X (or Super Famicom and Rockman X, if you must*).

For those interested, you can find the summary of the first part of the episode here, with the second part covered here.

There was no chance that Capcom's celebrated mascot wouldn't make the leap to the next generation and so Arino finds himself challenging the blue bomber's first 16-bit outing, Mega Man X. Having had mixed success with 4 entries in the series to date Arino will be hoping that his generalization of SNES games being easier will hold true. Either way he's in for one hell of a ride.

Better still, a subbed version is available, with each part linked on the corresponding summary pages above, so download and enjoy!

Thanks to Cleveland Rock and Magnet_Man for the tips!

* Note: As you can see in the screen shot above, if that really is a sticking point with you, it might displease you to know that the subs use the western terminology for the names of the games, consoles, etc.