Mega Man 6 Now Available on Wii U Virtual Console (Among Others)

MegAugust (or whatever we decided to call this thing) continues on today with the release of the final NES chapter of the Blue Bomber's adventures, Mega Man 6.

Introducing the world to the Rush Adapter suits which transform our hero into Power Mega Man and Jet Mega Man, this game also marks the first time that Robot Master designs were contributed by fans from outside of Japan, one of which we interviewed not too long ago.

"But wait!" some of you might be saying. "What about the game before that, Mega Man 5?"

Right. Well, that one hit while we were away, but yeah, it's available, too:

Both are available in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U for $4.99 each, or just a dollar if you have the Wii version already on your system (Hint: For Mega Man 6, you don't).

But wait, there's more! Also while we were away, Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge was also anachronistically released to the Nintendo eShop on Wii U:

As a Game Boy Advance title, this release commands the slightly more premium price of $6.99, and like the other Virtual Console games, comes with such features as Off-TV Play, Miiverse functionality, and Restore Points, aka Save States.

This leaves just one release left for the month, according to the previous list of titles set for an August release: Mega Man X3.

Seeing as how two of these games have been out for a little bit now, how have you been enjoying them? Or are you more eager for next week's release? Tell us in the comments below!