Poll Position: How Much Does This Mega Man X Figure Idea Interest You?

As you might have heard, there is a proposal from a company for a new kind of Mega Man product... but only if there is enough interest. That's where you (and this post) come in.

What the company in question is proposing goes well beyond the fare we've seen from the likes of Jazwares or Bandai; we're talking high-end here: A 1/6 scale (if our math is right, that would be just around 10 inches) Mega Man X action figure comprised of a combination of plastic and die-cast metal construction (it's a lost art).

It would also contain an X-Buster with an LED light for its firing effect, and the whole shebang would retail between $149.99 and $199.99 U.S. dollars. Furthermore, there are also plans for further "expansion kits" of armor upgrades to customize X as you wish.

So, does this idea tickle your fan fancy? Let us know by voting in the poll below, which we've put together so even those without Disqus can make their voices heard!

Does this Mega Man X figure idea interest you?
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Additionally, if you have any added thoughts, concerns, or questions, feel free to post those in the comments or drop us a line at the.mega.man.network at gmail.com with the subject "1/6 Mega Man X Thoughts" (please use that exact subject, minus the quotation marks, to help us keep everything organized).

Note that unless we hear something further, we cannot actually address any questions, etc. we receive, but the companies involved will be watching the comments, and we want to make sure your thoughts are passed along to those calling the shots on this one.