Polygon Interview Reveals Convention Cover for Mega Man #37

In a recent interview with Polygon, Archie's Mega Man scribe Ian Flynn had the opportunity to talk a bit about the upcoming "Dawn of X" storyline which will cross over the two time periods from the Classic series and X. One particularly interesting part is wherein he posits why he thinks that Archie is able to do what Capcom never did in this regard:

The video games never explored the merger of these two works, but according to Flynn that's because the medium might not have been the right one. With comics, there's a degree of creative freedom and accessibility that comes with making non-interactive media — in other words, something that can be taken at face value.

"In a video game, the gameplay needs to come first," Flynn said. "What drives the product is an enjoyable playing experience. The story exists to serve the game, so you're limited in how much you can tell and how you can tell it.

"With comics, the story needs to come first," he added. "You're there to read something, so we can focus on the narrative meat of the subject and really tell a good story without distraction."

In addition, Polygon also unveiled a "convention exclusive" version of Mega Man #37's cover, as illustrated by Rafa Knight, an artist who has created several computer-generated covers for the company's Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe titles:

The convention this cover is exclusive to goes unsaid, though we think that the upcoming San Diego Comic Con-- which usually boasts these covers-- is likely a safe bet.

You can read the full article for yourself here. Thanks to Sunwalker for the tip!