Mega Man IV Now Available on Virtual Console

The third week of "Mega May" is upon us, and it brings the fourth title in the classic Mega Man series on the Game Boy.

This time around, Dr. Wily has stopped by the latest robot expo to do a little bit of last-minute holiday shopping-- and reprogramming, of course. But what about the newest Mega Man Killer, Ballade? Was he a part of the show, too?

As noted here previously, Mega Man IV was a bit of a game changer for not only the Game Boy line of Mega Man titles, but the Classic series as a whole, and is considered one of the best in the series on the handheld, if not period. Not to mention the fact it provides a nice warm-up for next week's release, Mega Man V, featuring the all-new Stardroids!

If I may add in a quick bit of personal opinion here, this is the only Mega Man Game Boy game I owned for several years, and I was not the least bit dissatisfied. In fact, I might have even enjoyed it more than the original games from which it pulled its roster of Robot Masters!

Here's the trailer for take a few moments of your time while you wait for it to download from the eShop-- or, conversely, possibly convince you to do so.