Ripot's Round-Up: Fan Game Edition

As mentioned in our round-up a few days ago, we still have more news to catch you up on-- specifically, developments from the fan game community! So, without further ado...


On May 16th, the developers of "Mega Man Battle Network: Chrono X" will be celebrating the fifth anniversary of production on TwitchTV from 4:00pm -6:30pm EST (GMT-5).

During the event, there will be a 15-20 minute presentation of new bosses, forms, and game types, followed by five minutes of showcasing fan art and a whopping 120 minute Q&A session with the developers. "It would probably be a good time for the fans to ask questions about not-yet-revealed characters and enemies. The more people that come, the more likely they are to reveal more content," notes Gier336.

If you plan on "attending" this event (so to speak), you can confirm it on their Facebook page, or just by posting as such in various threads and comment sections so they can get an idea of how many will be checking it out.


Did you ever think that Mega Man X was just a little too easy? Well, the folks over at Insane Difficulty have something which may satisfy you:

You can learn more about this little slice of robot heaven (or hell?) right here. Tipster Mike notes that "I personally have played it and it is not that bad; although the Sigma stages have yet to be finished."


GeminiSparkSP brings us word of a bit of homebrew from one Joshua1riot on YouTube, who seems to be creating his own PlayStation 1 game with a decidedly Ruby-Spears-inspired Classic Roll as the lead:

You can find more videos of the game in action here.


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has just wrapped up its fourth season, and new eps won't be on the way until next year. Until then, there's always this romhack of Mega Man 3, "My Little Pony: Dr. Discord's Conquest," to help keep Pony fans occupied.

Looks like Twilight Sparkle is going through several NES game-inspired worlds to take on her former comrades. As Mega Man himself can tell you, sometimes friendship is tragic.

You can find the hack here. Thanks for the tip, CnCBoy!


A group called Team Perihelion are working on a fan game called "Mega Man VR," but unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any video footage to speak of (the one video we did find no longer works). Nonetheless, you can still find screenshots, music, and art on their Facebook, their Tumblr, and their other Tumblr.

Thanks for the tip, OVER-9000!


Joining "Mega Man Battle Network: Chrono X" at the Nintendo Community Fangame Convention last year was a title called "Mega Man Perfect Harmony," described as "An ultimate tribute to the main three Mega Man game series (Classic, X, and Zero) in the form of an 8-bit retro style 4-Player Cooperative and Versus fan game!"

You can download the game here. Thanks for the tip, Giver336!


More Ponies abound as the final part of the "Mega Pony" fan game has been completed:

This update includes "some changes in level design, more items to buy, different unlockable game modes, and most importantly, Discord stages." You can download it through the link in the video's description, or by clicking here.

Thanks for the tip, Mecha Horse X!


SPD12 tells us that a gent by the name of Mike Thai has thrown his hat into the ring with a Mega Man fan game titled "Mega Man 42." Check it out:

You can check out more about the game here, and download it here.


Early last year, we brought you word about a fan-made Mega Man RPG, but since running that story, much has changed, we've been told.

For the sake of expediency, here's what Adrian Marceau told us about his game:

First thing is first, the game is called the "Mega Man RPG Prototype" and it is browser-based but does not require Flash or DirectX or any other plugins or downloads to play - just a modern browser capable of displaying HTML5 content (Chrome, Firefox, Safari).

It is a fully playable Mega Man RPG where you fight against digital versions of Robot Masters in turn-based combat - not unlike the Pokémon series - and add them to your team of fighters. Unlocked robots can level-up to learn new abilities and even equip the abilities of other robots if the elemental type matches.

The game features three fully playable characters - Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, and Dr. Cossack - each with their unique own set of unlockable missions, robots, and abilities. Robots can be transferred between doctors at any time, allowing for tons of customization and ability combinations. Battles themselves take place on one of 27 unique battle fields, each with their own set of type-modifiers and random encounters with minor enemies. The up to 8vs8 combat is more than just a glorified "bench" system like the Pokemon TCG - certain ranged attacks can be used on those benched robots and the damage dealt is proportionate to their distance from the attacker. Naturally, all robots and their weapons have been categories into 20 predefined "types" which is used not only for weakness/resistance calculations, but also for equipping purposes. The game even features a fully fleshed out Pokédex-like database on the main website, active and functional leaderboards, an integrated community forum, the ability to fight the "ghost data" of other (human) players, and sooooo much more.

Trying to cram all the features into one message is impossible there is so much to do. This is no longer a "budding new project". This is a fully fleshed out game that's 100% playable in its current state and gets updated all the time with new mechanics and content.

Notable new content since your last post:
- All Robot Masters from MM1, MM2, MM3, and MM4 are in the game and all have their signature weapons programmed
- All Robot Master fields from MM1, MM2, and MM4 have been programmed into the game and are fully playable
- Dr. Cossack has been added to the game and the mission-structure has been revised to include all three characters and their robots
- The game now has (kickass) background music as provided by TheLegendOfRenegade on YoutTube (
- Weapon energy has been added to the game and all abilities require a specific amount to use (it recharges at one unit per turn)
- Items have been added to the game, like Energy Pellets, Weapon Tanks, and the Extra Life

Any screenshots for the game can be pulled from the Gallery ( with the most recent appearing up top. There's also a bunch of appropriately sized screenshots at the bottom of this post if that helps ( Additionally a playlist has been created for any Let's Play videos of the game and can be found here (

The game also has two completely original support characters! Almost forgot about that. ^_^ (Disco, for Wily and Bass) (Rhythm, for Cossack and Proto Man)



And that's everything this time out! I just want to point out that everything here has been posted from your submissions, and I've not played any of these-- much as I'd love to try them all, I simply don't have the time these days. But if you've played or decide to play any of these, feel free to share your thoughts/recommendations for others in the comments below!