Mega Men Take Super Smash Bros. by Storm

Nintendo has just concluded their Super Smash Bros. Direct video, and as you can probably guess from our posting about it here, there was indeed new information about Mega Man's part in the game to behold!

You can view the 39-minute video in its entirety in the embed above, but for those who cannot do so, here are the key points regarding the Blue Bomber. Nintendo's press release coinciding with the video doesn't cover Mega Man, unfortunately, so you'll have to make do with our screen captures from the video here.

In Dr. Wily's stage, the Yellow Devil does indeed appear as a stage hazard, rather than a boss. In addition to attacking with its flying body mass, it will shoot red energy projectiles from its single eye, which of course doubles as its sole weak spot.

By attacking that spot, it can eventually be destroyed, with whoever dealt the final blow gaining the benefit of its explosion working against the other players.

Oh, and the platforms on the track in the background will dump you, just as in the original Mega Man, so be careful when riding them!

Next up, we get to see the Mega Man series' Assist Trophy. People have long speculated over who it could be. For Sonic the Hedgehog, his rival Shadow would appear to use Chaos Control on the field; for Solid Snake, his mysterious Metal Gear Solid rival Grey Fox, the cybernetic ninja, appeared to clear the field with his scientifically-sharpened blade.

So naturally, people expected the same for Mega Man, but who? His enigmatic whistling prototype brother, Proto Man? His glory-seeking opposite number, Bass? Or would it be another Mega Man altogether, or one of their colleagues, such as Zero?

Would you believe...

Elec Man?

No, we wouldn't, either. But here we are. Perhaps it's a nod to Inafune, being one of his earliest and favorite Robot Master designs?

Suffice to say, he's received the same kind of nice design overhaul as Mega Man himself, though you might not be able to appreciate it as the last of the first-gen Light Robot Masters runs and jumps around the stage, unleashing his Thunder Beam on anyone who gets in his way.

Before wrapping up with the moves, there is a new mode exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. called "Smash Run," in which up to four players can run through an interconnected level to acquire power-ups by finding treasure chests and defeating enemies to gain power-ups before squaring off in a final battle.

Among the enemies found in Smash Run?

Mettaur! As one might expect, it pops up from beneath its helmet and fires off a spray of three shots at whoever might approach it.

Now then, the move set. We saw the rundown back at Mega Man's E3 announcement, but how to use them remained unknown until now:

  • Strong Down Attack: Sliding (Mega Man 3)
  • Dash Attack: Top Spin (Mega Man 3/Top Man)
  • Strong Up Attack: Mega Upper (Marvel vs. Capcom)
  • Side Smash Attack: Mega Buster (Mega Man 4) (Okay, who else was hoping it would just work as normal?)
  • Up Smash Attack: Spark Shock (Mega Man 3/Spark Man)
  • Down Smash Attack: Flame Blast (Mega Man 6/Flame Man)
  • Front Air Attack: Flame Sword (Mega Man 8/Sword Man)
  • Back Air Attack: Slash Claw (Mega Man 7/Slash Man)
  • Up Air Attack: Air Shooter (Mega Man 2/Air Man)
  • Down Air Attack: Hard Knuckle (Mega Man 3/Hard Man)
  • Grab: Super Arm (Mega Man/Guts Man)
  • Neutral Special Attack: Metal Blade (Mega Man 2/Metal Man)
  • Side Special Attack: Crash Bomber (Mega Man 2/Crash Man)
  • Down Special Attack: Wood Shield (Mega Man 2/Wood Man)
  • Up Special Attack: Rush Coil (Mega Man 3)

And for the Final Smash...

"It's Mega Man's famous costars," all charging up and firing a massive row of combined firepower that would make even the Power Rangers jealous. Be sure to click and check out the care and detail added to each, particularly X and MegaMan Volnutt, though MegaMan.EXE appears to have some metallic gold highlighting his features.

It's too bad that Mega Man Zero and someone from ZX couldn't make it, but you still have to admit that this is pretty awesome. That said, maybe these guys (and some of those in absentia) will each have their own Trophies-- possibly with the same level of detail!

That's pretty much it on the Mega Man front, news-wise, from the Super Smash Bros. Direct. However, if you haven't already, you'll want to make a point to see it-- there are more bits of Mega Man sprinkled throughout, including a few new remixes!

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