TMMN Reviews: Bandai Figuarts ZERO Sigma Figure

It's been a while since our last Bandai Mega Man figure review, and some of you have probably been wondering if we were going to cover any more of their releases. Today, your question has been answered!

Much as I hate to say it, I received the Figuarts (formerly D-Arts) ZERO figure of none other than Sigma several months ago. Given that a Sigma figure, particularly one whose quality is anywhere above "vending machine" is a rare thing indeed, I wanted to give this one the very special treatment it deserved: I wanted it to be The Mega Man Network's first-ever video toy review!

As it turns out, the whole process has taken much longer than I ever thought it would. Finding software within my budget, finding software that would allow me to properly trim the video, finding software that would even run the video... it's been a long road, and I somehow met with resistance every step of the way. I spent the last week alone trying to push my way through everything which needed to be done so I could finally get this out. Thanks to BeanyOne, Jeff, and seven5three for seeing this through with me!

I realize some people who know video are probably going to laugh, and all I can say in my defense is that I'm operating on a shoestring budget here, and this is honest to goodness the first time I've ever done anything like this. It's definitely been a learning experience, and I've learned a few things already. Too late for this video, but I hope to revisit this particular specimen someday when I have a little more know-how in making these.

One key lesson learned: Don't hold the phone camera as you'd normally hold your phone. I discovered the result too late to really do anything here, but it's definitely noted for next time.

For that reason, I recommend viewing the video in full-screen mode, so you can see everything more clearly. That said, there appear to be some very high definition options, so hopefully the detail will come through well for you if you enable one of them.

Beyond that, I'm going to let the video itself tell the rest of the story, save for one detail I didn't get to mention: Even though it's based directly on an image of Sigma from Mega Man X5, the detail here makes it more apparent that Sigma has just unclasped his cape (the clasp itself is more noticeable on the figure). This gives the figure a "caught in mid-motion" look that goes beyond the original art that I really love, and wanted to point that out here.

For our past reviews (all written, with images), you can find Bass and Treble here; Mega Man, Rush, and Metool here; and Vile here. Stay tuned, as we'll be bringing you Mega Man X in his Ultimate Armor very soon!

Sigma is available now at a suggested retail price of $55.99, and less at Amazon (with free shipping). A sample for this review was provided to us by Bluefin.