Get Me Off The Moon Neo Devroom Event: Airship Design Contest

It's been a little while since we last posted about a Neo Devroom Event from 100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3 in this space, but the folks there have come up with a fun and fascinating idea for a new contest in the spirit of those once held by Capcom for the ill-fated project: Airships!

After all, who doesn't love a good airship? They can be sleek and stylish, grand and majestic, or even just downright funny looking. Plus, they can take you to wherever you need to go in a world covered by endless water, and give you a place to rest your head after a hard adventure, among other things.

"The Legends series has always been known for its unique airship design style. Most of the crafts seem to resemble huge fish (or birds, in the case of the birdbots), with large, "fin-like" wings sticking out from the sides and circular, red/green windows on the front that look like fish eyes. They're also generally on the bulky side. It's a very distinct style, one that's undoubtedly made its mark on so many who have played the Legends games; therefore, we thought it'd be fun to have our supporters try to re-capture this style, in as unique a way as possible, by designing and submitting their own Legends airships!

The wide-array of airships in the Legends universe were definitely a huge part of what made the series so interesting; as a result, we hope all of you do your best to come up with some genuine-looking, yet unique designs, and maintain the superb level of imagination that this series is known for!"

Participants can have up to three different entries with up to three images per submission, and while you can collaborate, only one person gets to bring home a prize. You can't have explicit content, of course, and imagery is required-- no text-only submissions. Following is a sample entry:

-Example Submission- 

Name of participant: Dashe

Teammates' names (if any): None

Airship name: The Gallanton Borealis

Airship description: This one's for your long-term travel and lodging needs. If you're a member of a larger family or digging team, you'll find everything you need to take your home to the skies full-time with the Borealis. This hefty airship boasts up to six bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a common area along with the standard airship fare--bridge, engine room, you know the drill here. Have I mentioned it has a two-level deck outside? That planking is 100% weather resistant. The engineers at Gallanton are all about giving their all and with the Borealis, it sure shows.


Entrants have until May 4th to enter and revise their entries as necessary, at which time a panel of judges will make their decision. Courtesy of Mega Man Legends Station's collection of screencaps, here are some of the different designs seen in the actual games, offered here for your convenience as reference material: FlutterGesellschaftSulpher BottomKTOX TV Reporter AirshipDracheGlydonDoradoFokkerwolfMutti, and Rafale.

Prizes include (as described by GMOTM):

1st Prize:

- A copy of the MegaMan NT Warrior Volume 2 DVD, signed by several key members of the English dub and, most importantly, the legendary Keiji Inafune himself! The signatures include Brian Drummond (HeatMan.EXE, SkullMan.EXE, WhaleMan.EXE, SnakeMan.EXE, MoltanicMan.EXE [NapalmMan, for those of you unfamiliar with the dub]), Maryke Hendrikse (Anetta), Cathy Weseluck (Kid Grave), Brad Swaile (Lan), Andrew Francis (MegaMan.EXE), Tabitha St. Germain (Maddy), Lee Tockar (Higsby, WoodMan.EXE), and, of course, Keiji Inafune (in the silver ink). That's 8 total!"

A physical copy of the GMOTM fan-made Mega Man Legends 3 Concept Album, a compilation of music compositions put together by several talented music composers in the Legends community. The album contains two CDs: One for original tracks and the other for remixes. It was released by us in digital form several months back, but has only seen one physical version; and that was given away as a gift to the good folks at Capcom-Unity last year.

You can listen to the digital version of this album via our Bandcamp page. It contains 39 tracks total:

2nd Prize:

- A Get Me Off The Moon T-shirt, with the official 100k Strong logo on the front and the Mega Man Legends 3 logo on the back. XL Size.

- A Mega Man fan-art book created by one of our exceedingly talented artists, Ancode. The art book is entitled "ELECTRONIC LIFE" and contains 71 pages of artwork from the various Mega Man series'.

- A neat little bunch Mega Man buttons, also provided by Ancode.

3rd Prize:

- A set of five Mega Man Legends 3 postcards. These were given away by Rockman_Unity around the time Legends 3 was still in development, so they're quite special!

- A set of three Mega Man Legends 3 bead sprites (Barrett, Aero and Tinker, to be precise), courtesy of Ryan King.

For complete rules and other details, such as the full panel of judges, visit the Get Me Off The Moon Facebook page here, and join in their discussion on Capcom Unity here, and finally, submit here.