Mega Man & More Galore in Nintendo Force #8

Are you interested in Nintendo Force magazine? If you are, but haven't yet made a move, now might be a good time to check it out-- here's why.

The most recent issue, March/April 2014, features a number of items which would be of interest to Mega Man fans. Included among them are my two exclusive interviews I had mentioned here previously: One is with writer Ian Flynn and editor Paul Kaminski of Archie Comics about the "Dawn of X" storyline, and their plans for Mega Man X in general; the other is with Jason Hawronsky of Jasco Games regarding their successful Kickstarter for the Mega Man Board Game, and what fans can expect from their product.

In addition, we have a little peek at Mighty No. 9's Mighty No. 7, featuring some art by Thor Thorvaldson, a peek at the newly-announced Azure Striker Gunvolt, and even a bit of Mega Ran in the "Community" section.

That's not even including all the other comics, reviews, interviews, the fan-picked Nintendo Force "Game of the Year" awards, "Nintendo Farce," and the 12 page Mario Kart feature all packed into this one. Oh, and those 12 pages aren't including the Mario Kart 8 poster Thorvaldson drew up for us, either.

If you've already subscribed and opted for physical copies, then yours should be arriving soon, if they've not begun to already. If you're not a subscriber, you can snag this issue by itself right here, or sign up here for a full year's worth of issues.