Mega Man Battle Network 3D Fan Game Underway

Has seeing Mega Man's Final Smash in the most recent Nintendo Direct left you with a clamoring for more Mega Man Battle Network? Well, good news!

Though there's nothing new on the Battle Network-- or any Mega Man-- gaming front from Capcom (relatively speaking, that is), Drsypher and HeatPhoenix have dubbed themselves "Team MMBN3D" and begun taking matters into their own hands as they seek to revisit the networked world. And as you might have guessed from their name, they're doing it in 3D!

According to the video's description, "Battle chips, navis and program advances are all back in three dimensions in Mega Man Battle Network 3D! Collect chips and build your own folder and take on a variety of battles and challenges!

"Mega Man Battle Network 3D is a free Mega Man fangame by Drsypher and HeatPhoenix for PC coming to you in the summer of 2014!"

HeatPhoenix adds "We've set out to rebuild MMBN in 3D for PCs so that Mega Man may live on through the fans once again. We're going to attempt to combine our favorite things of all the Mega Man Battle Network games into one engine and let players tackle challenges, viruses, and bosses with their own strategies."

If you're interested in following Team MMBN3D's progress, you can do so by subscribing to their YouTube channel, or following them on Tumblr and Twitter.