Another Look at Mega Man Zero from Bandai's S.H. Figurarts Line


Development on the S.H. Figurarts (formerly D-Arts) figure of Zero from the Mega Man Zero/Rockman Zero series marches on. And over at Rockman Unity, Ucchy-san continues to bring us the latest developments.

You can see some of the diagrams regarding the adjustments they've made to the figure's sculpt so far, but if you head over to Ucchy's post, you can see a close-up of the unpainted figure (seemingly still in the resin/prototype phase), and other images which provide even closer pictures of various joints and points of articulation around the body.

One other point of interest is in the unattached hair portion of the Zero figure. Check out the pics-- even Zero's hair has articulation! Just one hinge joint, by the looks of it, but still!

So give it a look, and leave your comments below!

Thanks to Heat Man for the tip!