What Happens to Mega Man During Peace Time?

First, just a quick note: I know things have been a little slow around here as of late, as I've largely been busy with other work, including a pair of exclusive interviews with Jasco Games and Archie Comics about the Mega Man Board Game and Mega Man X featured in the monthly Mega Man comic, respectively. Those will be showing up in the next issue of Nintendo Force magazine, and you can learn more about how to get in on that here.

With the issue wrapping up, I hope to get back to posting some more user generated content here before long. Now, with that out of the way...

Ever wonder what would happen to Mega Man and Roll if there were no more threats of Dr. Wily and the Robot Masters taking over the world (besides the entire X series and on, we mean)? That's what full-time animator of seven years, Drew Newman, wondered as he took a break from the grind and put together the new YouTube show, "Peacetime Mega Man."

"The year is 20XX and everything is just fine. With no robot wars to fight, Megaman now battles unemployment, complacency, and possibly alcoholism!"

You can check out the first two episodes below; Kotaku notes that the first video "is a slooooooow burn. But, after the chortle-worthy intro, there's a sight gag and a one-liner that put me in the floor."

You can check out the YouTube channel for more as they come, as well as some bass covers (performed in-costume) of themes from the games.