Rockman Gigamix Anime Opening

Sadly, there's no such thing as a Rockman Gigamix anime. However, the man and artist himself, Hitoshi Ariga gives us a glimpse into what one could possibly look like. He set it to the Namco x Capcom opening with some stunning results.

Edit: Whoops, my bad. Apparently Ariga-san didn't make this video. He added this in english on his channel:

Hi there, Hitoshi Ariga here!
I drew the manga called “Mega Man Gigamix”, which was based on Capcom’s Mega Man franchise. A fan of the manga series (Panman) took the characters from Gigamix and create a video which they uploaded to NikoNiko Douga.

Original Video:
I thought it was so well made that I requested permission to upload the video to YouTube.

Thanks to FuPoo and Heatman for drawing my attention to it!