Target Acquired: Ask Manami Matsumae Anything

It was only a few weeks ago that we brought you word of Target Acquired, a mobile game which was described as "Mega Man meets Temple Run" whose developers were seeking funding through Kickstarter. The time is up, and now is the time to celebrate with Mega Musician Manami Matsumae!

When we first reported on the game, the Kickstarter had already reached its goals. Now, at its close, the team has 204 percent of the funding they sought to carry out the project.

With this news, musician Manami Matsumae-- whose works include various Mega Man games, Shovel Knight, and Mighty No. 9-- is going to be at the TouchTen studios on Friday, and she'll be answering questions from the fans.

For your convenience, there will be two ways to submit your inquiries. First, if you have an account with Touch Arcade, you can simply submit a question with a post in this thread.

Of course, we realize that some/many (All? None?) of you might be without a Touch Arcade forum account. Rather than put you through the trouble of signing up just for this, we've talked to TouchTen and arranged it so that you can simply leave a question in the comments of this very post!

That said, looking at the Touch Arcade forums can be done without an account, and if you're interested in this game, you may want to do so in order to scope out some of the cool visual treats they've set up in the opening post.

Beyond that, ask away! Just keep things respectful (we'll be keeping an eye on things)!