Mega Man 2 Soundtrack Gets the VRC6 Treatment

One might remember that a couple of years ago, a chiptune artist by the name of RushJet1 remixed the soundtrack to Mega Man 3 by using Konami's proprietary Nintendo Entertainment System sound chip, the VRC6. The chip, which adds three extra sound channels, allows for richer audio that has led to some notably different sounds between versions of some NES titles.

Fast forward to today, and RushJet1 is back with his latest work: The soundtrack of Mega Man 2, run through the VRC6 like its follow-up. What's more, he has once again recorded himself playing the game in question, replacing the original music with the new VRC6 versions. Check it out:

Note that if you would like to hunt down a particular track/stage, a full listing with links to the appropriate timestamps can be found on the video's page.

Those interested in downloading the album in MP3 and NSF formats need only visit this link. The minimum price is $0, so you don't have to pay anything in order to download the files.

If you're also interested in checking out his remixed playthroughs of the original Mega Man or Mega Man 3, click here and here respectively. You can also visit RushJet1's YouTube channel, which is filled with all sorts of weird, wacky, and wild stuff, both with and without more Mega Man.

Thanks to Tony Ponce for the tip!