X-Plus Toys' Gigantic-Sized Mega Man Now in Color

Less than a week ago, we got to see the prototype sculpt for Japanese manufacturer X-Plus Toys' new Gigantic Mega Man (nee Rockman) figure. In a surprisingly quick turnaround, Rockman Unity has posted images of the figure in full color... and a little something extra, too.

Cast your gaze to the right, and you might notice something is a little bit off about the Blue Bomber's blue helmet... specifically, the fact that it isn't there! According to tipster Heat Man, it seems that the figure will have an alternate head sans helmet, allowing Rock's flowing locks to blow freely in the wind.

Well, as freely as anything sculpted in plastic can, anyway. It's all about the appearance, right? Speaking of which, despite the incongruity of Rock's hair color, they appear to have gone for a simple shiny black this time out.

Unfortunately, the only pictures of the helmetless head are from the back. As for the rest of the figure as we've seen it, here is a full-color shot for you to gaze over and enjoy:

More shots, including one of the full figure from behind, can be found here.

X-Plus Toys' Gigantic Mega Man figure will be released in March 2015. Hmm, think there's a chance Capcom USA could be persuaded to import this one for the Capcom Store?