Yet Another Mega Man Cancellation (Plus a Delay)

One thought which is frequently cited among fans, at least in the comments found on posts around here, is that they don't want Mega Man merchandise, they want Mega Man games. But one must ask: What becomes of the property if we have neither?

Fortunately, that possibility seems to still be a ways off before happening. Nonetheless, it has inched just slightly closer as Kid Robot has revealed that it is axing one set of products to feature the Blue Bomber while delaying another.

A line of blind-boxed mini-figures and keychains the company was supposed to have in the offing for a September release that never came is no longer in the cards, according to a customer service representative for the company. In fact, the cancellation was revealed as far back as July by way of toy vendor MyPlasticHeart, confirming both miniature lines are out.

Meanwhile, a pair of 7-inch figures for Mega Man and Proto Man have been pushed back to mid-2015. A Break Man figure in that scale remains unannounced, though a pic has found its way online showing what it would look like.

For what it's worth, the cancellations and delay look less like they have anything to do with Mega Man himself, so much as the financial hardships Kid Robot has been facing, leading to other entire lines being cut as well. The company itself seems safe, having been purchased by NECA, but we'll have to wait and see if this has any further affect on their planned products.

Sources: Protodude's Rockman Corner, via GoNintendo and a tip from Spin Attaxx.