Rockman Utopia Tracks Revealed

It was one month ago to the day that we brought you word of a pair of interesting soundtracks Capcom of Japan, in cooperation with Basiscape, will be releasing on January 14th, 2015. Today, some new information has come forth, thanks to a tip from our friendly neighborhood Heat Man.

There isn't too much to say, in truth, except that the track list for Rockman Utopia has now been confirmed, and will consist largely of medleys. The list is as follows:

1. Rise the Curtain (MM1 medley: Elec, Bomb, Ice)
2. Tin Shuttle (MM7 medley: Freeze, Cloud, Spring)
3. Exotic Somewhere (MM6 medley: Centaur, Flame)
4. Endless Encore (MM2 medley: password, title, staff roll)
5. Show Your True Face (MM8 medley: Clown, Tengu)
6. Recycling Cycling (MM3 medley: Magnet, Spark, Shadow)
7. Tropical Airport (MM5 medley: Wave, Gyro)
8. Mechanical Gadget Happy Hour (MM7 Shade Man medley: Shade plus secret Shade themes)
9. Stepping Out Again (MM system medley: menu, get weapon, shop, Rush Jet, stage select)
10. Unbreakable Heart (Dr. Wily stage 1)

As for the subsequent companion album, the X-centric Rockman Dystopia, there is nothing announced... at least, not yet. For now, you can enjoy this look at the papercraft included with the first run of discs: