Mighty Gunvolt Hits eShop as Standalone Game, Brings New Update

Inti Creates has announced that Mighty Gunvolt, the free bonus game which was available alongside purchases of Azure Striker Gunvolt in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS, will become available as a standalone purchase for $3.99 on November 28th. What's more, those who already own the game will be privy to a free update for their previous download, while downloadable content will soon be on the way.

The update brings some tweaks to the game, including the ability to back out to the title screen from the stage select. Other changes include new stage entrances for each character, a shortening of charge time for Gunvolt's attack, an increase in on-screen shots for Ekoro, more hidden items, and just a general rebalancing of the game's stages and enemies overall.

As for the downloadable content, that will cost $2.99 and contain four new stages with bosses from Azure Striker Gunvolt, Mighty No. 9, and Gal*Gun. Among these are Mighty No. 1 and Mighty No. 7 from the yet to be released Mighty No. 9. You can check out the chibi-style artwork and screens for the new stages here.

If you haven't already, you can still purchase Azure Striker Gunvolt from the eShop on Nintendo 3DS until 8:59am (likely PT) on November 28th and still get Mighty Gunvolt for free. And if you're still uncertain, you can find our review for both games here.

Source: Inti Creates, via Heat Man on Twitter