Figuarts Zero Takes to the Runway with Tons of New Pics

Bandai's new Figuarts Zero figure (not to be confused with their Figuarts ZERO line of unarticulated figures/statues) is slated for a November release here in North America, but over in Japan, it seems that several fans have gotten theirs already. As a result: Pictures!

Lots and lots of pictures.

So many pictures, in fact, that it would take us forever to put them all here, and doing so would probably count as some sort of infringement, anyway. So have some links and check out these impressive galleries for yourself.

First up is this gallery, which not only depicts Zero in several iconic poses, but mixes things up with other D-Arts/Figuarts Mega Man figures as well. You'll see him standing alongside the Mega Man X versions of X and Zero, along with the classic Mega Man as well. One pair of shots even has the two Zeroes swapping sabers, and you'll find the box art from all sides here, too.

Meanwhile, another gallery focuses on Zero using the many different weapons he comes with, and even adds some cool effects and accessories. These include flames, explosions, and a cloak to mimic his appearance at the start of Mega Man Zero 2.

The third gallery is much the same as the second, inasmuch as it focuses on Zero's weapons and adds effects, albeit different ones, and throws in some backdrops and lighting effects as well. Many of the photos seem to be of the same pose from varying angles, however.

The fourth gallery takes a different sort of artsy approach, though instead of props, it relies more on photo manipulation for its effects (there's also another cloak here). Classic poses are also emulated, and there's a little bit of Rock and X to be seen, too.

Finally, there's the potentially Not Safe For Work 2chan thread, featuring all sorts of images from all sorts of people.

Thanks to Auto and Lalam for the tips and links!