Capcom Confounds with Newest Sound Ranger Addition

As some of you may have heard, Capcom has a new game in Japan for mobile devices. Titled Sound Rangers: Rhythm & Battle, it is reportedly very much like what the title implies: A combination of Super Sentai style heroes with the rhythm-based gameplay of such titles as Elite Beat Agents/Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan.

In addition to the game's own cast, other Capcom characters such as those from the Rockman series have appeared, thus blessing us with such imagery as the following Megazord-esque combination of the Blue Bomber's various support units:


More recently, however, a most... intriguing new addition has been teased via the game's official Twitter account:


Look familiar? If you've been following Mega Man news over the past few years, then it definitely should-- the silhouette appears to match none other than that of Aero, a new character from the ill-fated Mega Man Legends 3 Project.

Naturally, this raises many questions, not the least of which is simply "Why?" Of all the characters in the Mega Man franchise, why would they choose one who never saw the light of day due to the game being cancelled?

The more cynical are probably going to call this trolling by Capcom, whereas the more hopeful and optimistic might surmise that this means Mega Man Legends 3 isn't quite as dead as we were led to believe. But perhaps the most realistic is that, for whatever reason, the developers of Sound Rangers just like the character and wanted to include her. Maybe one or more of the developers of this game had worked on Mega Man Legends 3, and decided to bring her along in a show of love for their former project?

At this point, it's difficult to say. All we know is that this is a most unusual circumstance, and if anything more develops from it, we'll be sure to let you know.

For now, if you'd like to play the game for yourself, it can apparently be downloaded regardless of region, though you'll need a Japanese iTunes account to do so (the instructions for which can be found here).

Source: Protodude's Rockman Corner, with thanks to tips from Aaron and Kevin.