A Little Something Extra with D-Arts Black Armor Zero

The people at Bandai must be huge Yoshihiro Iwamoto fans. First, we had that special edition Mega Man X figure, with the manga-styled face and color scheme. Then, we had Vile come with a glass of scotch so that fans could re-enact scenes from the first manga.

How could we complete the collection? Ah yes. Give Zero a matching styled face plate as well. But rather than re-release a manga red Zero, Bandai has decided to let it come with black Zero. 



The figure will come with the regular Capcom-style faces as well. The manga face plate is a nice addition for those who got the X and want to complete their Iwamoto collection, not to mention prevents the figure from just being solely a repaint of red Zero. I know it gives me a reason to buy the figure now, where I wasn't going to previously.

Check out Rockman Unity's post on the subject, with more pictures.