OT: The Sonic Lost World 'First Play' Charity Marathon for Sick Kids


Some of you might have seen a tweet/FB post which went out a short while ago talking about a "Sonic LW raffle," wondering what that's all about and why it was being mentioned on The Mega Man Network.

Well, first: The posting was an accident. I was cross-posting to all Nyteworks accounts, and forgot to exclude The Mega Man Network. Simple mistake, but since I was going to share this here anyway, it doesn't really matter very much.

Put simply: Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Universe, and Mega Man author Ian Flynn and I are planning to host a Sonic Lost World "First Play" Charity Marathon livestream to raise money for the Sick Kids Foundation from October 26th to 27th, 2013-- just four days after the game's Tuesday release. Aside from a brief demo run at the San Diego Comic-Con, neither he or I have played this new style of Sonic game, so we can experience it and share our collective thoughts on it (and perhaps other things) together as we play through to completion.

With the livestream, there will be a chat, and along the way, we can take some questions. And while we do intend to keep the focus primarily on Sonic, who knows where things will take us during this 24-hour span? That said, if you ever wanted to ask the writer of the Mega Man comics a question directly, this would be a good time! 

In addition to going through the game, we're going to be raffling off prizes from Nintendo Force magazine, UDON Entertainment, Archie Comics, and more... including the one teased in the aforementioned social media posts. I'd like to get more specific, but I can't.

The only other thing is that we're also looking for some help to make this entire event possible. We've never done this before (though if this succeeds, we may very well do it again in the future), and so we lack the equipment necessary to livestream. That's why we started this Indiegogo campaign... which had the exceedingly awkward misfortune of going live the very same night one Keiji Inafune clicked the "launch" button for his own Kickstarter. 

Despite that, though, we've reached $563 of our $750 goal of providing the best experience we can during this livestream, and with 11 days left, we'd love to make it the rest of the way. Incidentally, we're also accepting donations of equipment. Technology marches ever on, and if you've got some older gear you've since replaced and would like to see go towards a good cause, drop a line to david.oxford (at) nyteworks.net  and we'll chat.

Oh, and for those wondering why this is under "Mega Man News"... well, it was the best option I had under this new layout. Ian and I have both written for Mega Man, we're talking to fans, so it's kind of relevant, right?