Two New Mega Man 25th Anniversary Albums Headed Our Way


Fans of Mega Man  music (which should be all of you) have something big to get excited over. Mega Man  is getting not one, but two 25th anniversary albums next month. But this time they're not coming out of Japan - they're being made right here in the West! 

Both albums were commissioned by Capcom Unity's Breston. The first, "For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man" is a collaboration with OverClocked Remix. The album promises high quality arrangements of tunes from the first game of each of the seven Mega Man  series. 

The next, "MM25: Mega Man Rocks" is a collaboration with Sumthing Else Music, and brings in the Mega Man  loving musicians who've brought their work to the stage. It includes both new tracks from The Protomen, Arm Cannon and X Hunters, and re-recorded hits by The Megas and Bit Brigade. The Protomen and Mega Ran are also included some of their classic works.  

What's more, you can take part in the album creation as well. Capcom Unity is holding a cover design contest until September 23rd, so that fans can contribute their designs. Check out their site for more details! 

Both albums will be released over digital services such as iTunes. I know I'm stoked for this deluge of awesome Mega Man  music!